Friday, April 27, 2007

The Legacy, Ice Skating and other Musings

Not much going on this week. Just been working at work. Designing ads and stuff. Not too earth-shattering.

I did go and see my brother's son last weekend. He was learning to ice skate. It was pretty funny, but he's only 6 so he can't help it. His ice skating consisted of holding on for dear life to the kid's shirt who was standing directly in front of him. He was pretty lucky that the kid was a lot bigger than he was, otherwise, the whole situation could have been bad, bad, bad. On the way out of the rink after the less than 2 minute program, he slipped and fell banging the back of his head on the ice. He's okay, thank God. But from where I was sitting freezing my butt off, it was pretty funny stuff.

I also have been considering working more on my web serials (webisodes) which are online dramas that you read. Kinda like a book but online, kinda like fan fiction but of my own creation.

The Legacy is one of those series. I have three ongoing missions currently that I badly need to get back to work on.

One is entitled "Ten Little Spies" It's a mission that centers around agents who are being targeted by a man who sends them killer candles. Of course, the Killer Candle Maker isn't the only one who is in the mix here. There's more danger at work than just an unfamilar madman. Some of the danger comes from within the Legacy itself!

The next is a mission (Familiar Adversary) where I, myself, am one of the characters. The bad guys of the Black Council have discovered my web soap and are finding out all sorts of clues about the Legacy agents. Apparently, these agents that I write about are "real" people and some are being compromised by my writings. They Legacy decides that they must stop me from posting anything else on my series to keep themselves safe. They send their most experienced danger men after me. But soon I discover that all is not quite kosher in Legacy-land. There is an Alt-Me who is my ultimate adversary... but is it really me or is it only one of my characters who has taken over? It's hard to tell. Lately I've been finding that if I think about it, it will happen. This weird virtually strange world which resembles my series might actually be the death of me... and the only people who are my allies are the minor characters I hardly write about.

The last mission is called "Shattered". It stars most of my younger Legacy cast members. But most of the focus is on Phoenix and Scarlett Gray and Faith Fairchild (younger sister of my Legacy danger man, Ethan). A new adversary is on the horizon and they are called Echelon! Echelon has kidnapped Phoenix and the Black Council has implanted Scarlett with an artificial intelligent being named Haven. Will Faith and her new Echelon friends Marcus and Liz be able to save them ... or are Marcus and Liz the real bad guys?

I know, a lot of stuff to think about, but somehow I manage to keep it all straight in my head. I guess that is because I created it all, huh?

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Check out The Legacy .... if you dare!

The Legacy - An Espionage Thriller