Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ten Little Spies - Episode 18

The newest episode of The Legacy is now available on my site.

I've been delving into the secrets of The Legacy quite a lot over the last few weeks. The story might have started a bit without focus, but I've found my mojo again where this story is concerned. I'm getting back on track where the plot is concerned.

Here are a few spoilers about the episode...

Ethan discovers he has a new power thanks to those nanites teeming in his blood, and it bloody freaks him out.

Jared leaves Alison behind in the tunnels below the Zeller mansion.

Octavia proves to be the baddie we all knew she was... she has an agenda where Ethan is concerned.

Irish Quinn is joined by one of his co-horts who looks like Marian Noble... funny thing is... she's not Marian. She has a high-tech device that produces a holographic effect over her face making her appear like Marian. People in the mansion are not who they appear to be.

Kaye finally comes to her senses. The drugs she'd been given are wearing off and she doesn't know what's happened in the last few days. It's all a big blur. She watches as her lover, Dare, is joined by another man... And who he turns out to be is the biggest shocker of all.

Check out the newest episode and see what I mean.