Friday, May 25, 2012

Cloak & Dagger - Episode 8: Twists and Turns

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Episode 8: Twists and Turns

Kevin Fairchild came alive when he was doing his job. He and Alison Corday entered the flower shoppe nearly at closing time. Alison pretended to peruse the flower section while Kevin located Dena Thorpe.

Ethan watched from outside with Mila at his side as his brother contemplated a way to get the phone number of Boswell from Dena's cell without anyone being the wiser, especially her.

Dena was in her late forties, older than most of Boswell's flings but she looked the type who could keep the old fool in line. Dena was in her office working on paperwork. Kevin motioned to Alison pointing out Dena's position in the flower shoppe. Alison responded with a barely noticeable nod. Kevin stayed in the shadows near the office while Alison worked her magic.

Alison walked toward a young boy who was arranging a display in the front window. He smiled brightly at her and she started to smile back when a strange expression overcame her face. The boy picked up on her expression and walked hesitantly over to her.

"Lady? Are you alright?"

Alison weaved in the isle and collapsed atop the boy throwing them both into a display case causing a loud crash of breaking glass and falling items. The commotion drew Dena from her office and up to the front of the store.

Kevin spied Dena's cell on her desk. Right out in plain view. He snatched it up and searched for Boswell's number in her directory's contact list. He found it quickly and sent a coded message to Boswell. 

Kevin finished his business and placed the phone back into the same position where Dena had left it. People were very savvy these days about noticing when something had been moved. He didn't want even that thought to come into her mind.

As he approached the front of the store, he spied Dena, the boy and Alison. Alison was disheveled with little cuts on her forearms.

"I don't know what happened, " the boy explained. "She just collapsed."

"Are you all right miss?" Dena helped Alison from the floor.

"Yes, I apologize. I get these spells..."

Kevin rushed to Alison's side from across the flower shoppe. "Oh, honey, another one? I can't thank you enough," he said to Dena. "I can't take you anywhere, can I, honey?

"I know. We'll have to pay for this. I'm so sorry." Alison fished in her purse and pulled out some cash.

"No, no. These things happen," Dena said waving off the offer of cash.

Alison and Kevin were in the store less than ten minutes. Mission complete. Now they just had to hope that Boswell received the message and would act quickly.


The access tunnels beneath the train tracks were long and winding, exactly the reason the Legacy had decided to put their offices here. The app on his Legacy issued phone acted as a filter. The direct route to the auxiliary entrance was literally painted on the walls in a chemical only the app could uncover. Boswell would have put up a sign of his own in a similar way. He was a sneaky bugger.

All three of them used their Legacy phones to scan the walls of the tunnel. They easily found the Legacy markers. Boswell's was a bit more tricky to uncover.

"I think I have something," Alison yelled. Her phone had uncovered an illuminated Chapman's Designs logo with a smart code burried in the center of the ivy covered C.

Kevin used his phone to snap a photo of the image. The smart code took him to a video. It was a video of Boswell Chapman holding a white sign and singing his off-key rendition of "O Holy Night." Halfway through the video he turned over the sign showing an icon. It was one of the five Legacy icons they used in the tunnel.

When Boswell finished, he turned the sign over again. This time it said: This video will self destruct in five seconds.

By the time the three finished reading the plaque the video began twitching and when the page refreshed, it had taken them to the homepage of

"Neat trick," Ethan said. "He must be watching old re-runs of Mission Impossible."

Now that they had the correct icon to follow, Kevin retrieved Mila who had been waiting at the beginning of the tunnel.

"Did you figure out which way to go?" she asked.

"Yeah. We eventually go there. We had to take a left turn at Albuquerque," Kevin said. "Sorry, but I'm going to have to blindfold you."

Mila laughed. "You're breaking into a secret spy agency and yet you're still concerned about its security?"

"Call me sentimental. It's a code I live by." Kevin fashioned the handkerchief around her eyes, grabbed her hand and led her through the tunnel.

They hoped when they reached the entrance that only Boswell was there to greet them.

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