Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cloak & Dagger - Episode 14

Cloak & Dagger: The Legacy
Episode 14

The hallways in the Legacy compound were eerily quiet except for the droning of equipment placed in various rooms that were constantly left on during the day. Michela Forsythe stood at the door looking back at Ethan Fairchild. Where was she going?

The hot guy on the floor was dying. At least, it looked like he was. she glanced back at him. How could she leave him like that? She didn't know him. Not really. Not in any sense of the word. She might know him in the future. But that was then and this was now. Her mother, Sophia, would be so disappointed in her hesitation.

They all seemed to think she knew him. Michela traced a finger down his jaw. Was this a face a person could forget?

"Stand away from him," said a gruff voice at the door.

Michela flinched. She was used to her classmates adoring her or being afraid of what her family could do to them. Never before had someone stood their ground against her. And if she was honest with herself. She kind of liked it.

Michela backed away from the table as a second man, a doctor, came in behind the first and began working on Ethan.

"What were you doing to him?" the gruff man demanded.

"Nothing!" she snappewd. The defensiveness came out clearly in her words. She could tell the man, who would later be identified as Kevin Fairchild, didn't believe her. She wondered what his problem was, not realizing their history and that his problem was her."


Boswell worked the scanner while Echo focused on the tech. The scan was being done on the down low between the routine marching past of the Black Council minions who were on guard. He placed Michela on the long scanner table and it mechanically moved into position.

"Is this really necessary?" Michela asked, her voice quivering. "Me and cramped spaces don't generally get along."

"It's going to be quick and painless, honey. No worries," said Boswell through the intercom.

Kevin stood guard by the door to the scanner room, his arms crossed in front of him and a large scowl on his face. Michela could tell he didn't trust her. With his eagle eyes, there was probably not much that got past him. She had a feeling the two of them had a rocky past. and it hadn't turned out in his favor. Michela knew she'd have to keep her eyes on that one.

A headache pounded at the base of Michela's skull. She'd been nursing one almost as soon as she woke up in this reality It felt like a bizarre case of time travel but she knew, based on her own face, something unusual was happening here.


"Okay, Boswell. The suspense is killing me. Is she crazy, insane, brainwashed or pretending?" Kevin's scowl hadn't left his face since the moment he found Michela's body leaning over his brother's unconscious form.

"I called in Dr. Myers. Echo is getting him down here between the BCG rotations," Boswell said. 


"Black Council goons.)



Echo let Dr. Myers into the room with Boswell and Kevin then returned to the scanner room to watch Michela. 

"They're not going to let me out of here, are they?" Michela's voice was edged with fear.

"Normally, that wouldn't be a question coming from you. You thrive on this spy stuff." Echo pulled a folding chair closer to the scanner apparatus. There's really nothing to be afraid of."

Michela laughed but the cadence didn't sound happy. It was the type of laugh that involuntary comes out when you are unsure of your situation or just completely thinking this whole thing is a bunch of bull-hockey.

"You're kidding, right?" She attempted to sit up and Echo quickly came to assist her. "When I first woke up in this reality." She made air quotes around the word reality. "I nearly got my head shot off. If it hadn't been for Alison keeping me calm, I would not be here right now." She motioned to the room around her as her arms whirled indicating the facility in which they now sat. "And I don't even know where the heck 'here' is. But based on all the British accents, I'd say somewhere in England. I don't even have a passport!"

"That's not exactly true. You have multiple passports under multiple aliases. And that doesn't include your legitimate passport."

"Marvelous. I'm a criminal too."


Dr. Lee Myers studied the scans Boswell had performed and found an enlightening result. "Here is the problem area."

He tapped the screen with his pen. "She has a tumor pressing on her brain's memory center. Until we can get that out of there she is a ticking time bomb. Today she may think she's eighteen and tomorrow she may think she's in the middle of an assignment in the Middle East."

"Is she dangerous," Kevin asked.

"In the state she is in right now, no. But she has the probability of being dangerous depending on how she reacts to any more memory jumps."

"We can't lock her up under these conditions. The Black Council minions are everywhere," Boswell interjected.


The guards marched information in the halls searching through every room, smashing doors when they had to. They were definitely looking for something and weren't having much luck finding it.

One minion assumed command stepped away from the crowd of helmeted soldiers. He removed his hat. His hair was white gold, quite a contrast to his olive skin. He held up a symbol on a torn parchment.

"This i what we need. Anything with this symbol attached to t. Spread out. We don't have much time."


Many of the Legacy personnel working at the facility had left. Only the most senior had been left behind after the evacuation warning  had been sent to all stations.

Alison Corday ket her gun at the ready as she peered into the hallway. "I don't like it. It's too quiet. This place is usually a buzz with activity. Right now it feels like a tomb."

"That would be its normal charm," Ethan said attempting to rise from the portable gurney they'd swiped from one of the labs.

"You're awake," Mila seemed genuinely pleased. He wasn't used to true emotions from anyone around him.  Being a spy always had you second guessing everything and everyone's motives. It was a sad fact that he had indeed learned to trust no one."

"I'm low on juice," he said checking his ATP gauntlet. 

"It runs on juice?" Mila marveled at the possibility.

"No, not really. It' a special serum the doc makes for me. I need to stock up." He turned his attention to Alison. "Before I collapsed I wirelessly connected to an outside source. I think it went through the satellite. You think we could get Echo to check that out for me? Whatever that connection was, it caused me to crash."

"Everything was put on lock down during the initial evacuation. Primary systems are offline."

"Damn. I must have connected directly to the satellite. No wonder I'm drained."

"Can't  you train those little buggers to mind their own business," said Alison referring to the nanites coursing through Ethan's body.

"I wish it were that easy. They have carte-blanche control over my entire being."

"What does?" Mila asked. "What has control of you?"

"Little microscopic machines called nanites."

Mila made a face. "Does it hurt?"

Ethan laughed at the thought. "No, they're too tiny. But they do allow me a lot of special advantages." He looked down at his wrist monitor. It was blinking low.

"Time for a fill up?" Mila asked.

"Past time. It's why I'm laid up. The nanites have started to drain my biological systems."

"Dr. Myers should be back by now," Alison said. "I'll go fetch him."

"Be careful. The Council troops are still monitoring the hallways."

Alison winked at him. "Gotcha." She was more familiar with the secret areas of the Westminster facility than anyone.

Alison waited at the door and listened for the heavy footsteps of the minions. When she heard nothing, she eased her way into the hallway. She found the silence a bit odd and immediately knew that something was off.

Alison glanced into the scanner room and saw Echo and Michela and then through the large plate glass window spied Boswell and Dr. Myers in the adjacent room. As she reached for the door handle, the door suddenly opened and she was whisked into the room with a strength she didn't believe any one of them possessed. The opening and closing of the door barely made a sound but the thump of her body against the wall made her see stars temporarily.

Kevin growled at her in a tight whisper. "Are you insane? I could have killed you."

"But you didn't. And that's what makes you good." She cracked her neck and tried to mask the sends of vertigo she was feeling from her head slamming against the wall.

"Let's not kill our own agents while trying to save our own skins," Boswell said pulling him away from Alison.

"What's the scene look like out there?"

"Strangely quiet, actually," Alison said. "I'm beginning to think something is up."

"I'll see if I can fire up the secondary security lines and break into the feed," Boswell stated.

"I'm sure that's not the only reason you came all the way down here." Kevin couldn't keep the sarcasm out of his voice.

"You're right, as usual. Ethan needs the doc. Those little micros in his system have sucked him dry. he needs a refill."

"That's not good," Dr. Myers muttered. "When we brought him into the room, we refilled him with the last of our stock. what could be causing the drainage of his energy?"

"You got me," Alison said. "You're the doc."