Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Nightingale Effect

I've been working on a screenplay called The Nightingale Effect. It's my first foray into script writing, and I find it quite interesting. The link above will take you to the Google Document where I'm working on it. Let me know what you think.

Below is the synopsis for my first script: The Nightingale Effect. If you could review it, I would appreciate it.


The Nightingale Effect

Division One is a covert agency with many sister alpha sites around the world. This agency is currently looking into the development of serums that bring out certain characteristics in people. Basically, they’re looking to create psionic super soldiers.

Division One seeks out “candidates” who fit the DNA profile of people who would accept the technology they’re trying to create.

Michela Forsythe is one of these “candidates”. She works for the nemesis of Division One. They are called The Trust. The Trust sends Michela in to gain intel on Division One and their research and during her time there, she gets selected to be one of their psionic test subjects. Division One along with their director, Philip Lancaster, test the Nightingale protocol (NE-23) on her.

Michela escapes from Division One after surviving the first injection. It takes two different serums to create the effect they are looking for.

Michela inadvertently gets a teenager named Kit Martin involved in her escape. And later, Kit is labeled as a “candidate” for a different protocol called W-8. No one had previously successfully lived through the NE-23 or W-8 injections.

The Trust enlists the help of police officers Holt Martin and Leo Sutherland to come to the aid of Michela and Kit. Holt also just happens to be Kit’s brother and has a vested interest in keeping her alive.

Main Cast:

Michela Forsythe portrayed by Kristin Alphonso

Kit Martin portrayed by Emma Roberts

Holt Martin portrayed by Chad Michael Murray

Leo Sutherland portrayed by Shemar Moore

Phlip Lancaster portrayed by Robert Davi

Bailey Chase portrayed by Anthony Head

Candice Kent portrayed by Yvonne Strahovski