Sunday, September 03, 2006


I've been working on one of the mini-series of The Legacy called "Ambrose". I've been re-working it a bit with more emphasis on Michela's past and how Mila is involved in it along with a mysterious facility called Alpha Site located on the outskirts of Gateway City.

I've just written two new episodes. One called "Mysterious Son" and the second called "The Road To Alpha Site".

I'd love it if you'd check out my new episode of Ambrose that I've posted called Cornered.

Lucky confronts both Michela and Piper inside ForeCross.

Carlos leaves Caine and Roanna with a little present ... a bomb, and takes Quentin to another location.

Austin rushes to the hospital to set up his alibi for his wife's accident and to get a little bit closer to Diana.

Stone and Mila have an unexpected visitor follow them home.

Also, I posted a new episode of Web of Lies.

Avery gets a hostile visit from Tucker while Trey later threatens her. Could Trey be Casanova?

Jaxx gets together with Charlie's best friend, Sydney in order to find answers about his sister, Joy.

Charlie is stuck in a car with Asia and Cole and she gets a very bad feeling about them both. Then they stop the car and pick up a stranded motorist... Jordan. Charlie's wild child sister.

Karen discovers that Erik and Adam have lost Paul.

Hope you enjoy the mystery of Ambrose and Web of Lies!

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