Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Legacy of Spies - more images up

Okay, more of the images are up on Legacy of Spies.


I'm becoming tres excited about this new, refreshed series. It makes me want to delve into the mystery of LoS.

I was also going through some old notebooks and found some of my first attempts at the Legacy. Back then I was calling it: Knights Foundation [The Legacy]. I thought about the name Knights Templar [The Legacy], that was back before anyone knew anything about the Knights Templar. Now it just seems to passe.

Anyway, I started writing a first person account (Kevin's persepective) of something I've tentatively called The Foundation: Secret Memories. I'm going back to my old, old cast. No Gia but instead was Tessa Wainright. And Nick Boyd (from BAON, By Any Other Name for those who aren't up on my series' initials). Also from that series is Angela whose original last name was Hastings and I wasn't happy with the last name of Seraph so I'm changing it back.

I'm sure that doesn't make sense to anyone but I'm still using Kevin (who is in a wheelchair), Ethan is still the super spy but the story focuses in on Kevin, the second banana who is laid up from an injury.

I've also put in Natalia West, a younger character but still in the spy game. And last but not least I've brought Philip Lancaster (previous co-director of The Legacy) back to life as the head of the agency.

I've given them my own pet names.

Ethan - Danger Man
Tessa - Ice Queen
Nick - Dark Prince
Natalia - Innocent Wildcat
Philip - no nickname but he does spend a lot of time down in what Kevin called his "batcave"

I'm just so happy that the creative wheels are spinning again. I've missed them greatly.


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