Sunday, July 02, 2006

Purgatory or Alpha Site ... you decide

I've been contemplating another mini-series for the Legacy. This one is called "Purgatory".

There is a small town in the Midwest called Purgatory. There isn't much to do in this town. One stop light, one movie theatre that plays shows popular three years ago and a newspaper that has one issue a month. Everything is unassuming here... or is it?

Purgatory holds a secret. That secret is AlphaSite, one of a series of super secret strongholds that house another set of Legacy agents. This set is more of a supernatural aspect.

Shayne Michaels is a cynical cowboy who has never outshined his movie star brother Chance (from Darkstone Secret Agent). Chance is the worlds most popular actor. How can Shayne compare? Now one of Chance's co-stars is in dire need of a little supernatural ghostbusting and Shayne and AlphaSite are up for the assignment.

So as you can see, a lot more goes on in Purgatory than meets the eye. Even a nosy teen reporter named Rita Logan and her friends Woody, Casey and Jordan can't keep out of the excitement when a superstar enters their midsts. They have to uncover why such a movie mavon would come to their no-where town.

See what develops in Purgatory. After all, it's a life sentence.

What do you all think of that one? I'm getting more inspired by the minute.

Maybe I should just called the series AlphaSite like I first intended. What do you think?


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