Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Storyline Consultants and Writers Needed

Storyline Consultants and Writers

Yes, can you believe it? I've finally realized that this web series stuff is tres hard to do alone. I miss the many brainstorming sessions I had with Sacha years ago (back in 1999). Yes I am *that* old.

I'm going to be looking for storyline consultants who don't necessarily want to write but want to see their name in lights. Are web lights very bright? And I'm also looking for episode writers. I want to write complete storylines for each episode. Think Alias or La Femme Nikita. Full, complete stories in each episode.

I want to get the season focused enough that I know exactly what missions/epiosdes are going on for each and every step of the way. I think organization will be good for me.

So if any of you know anyone who can led a hand to my trusty series. I'm attempting to dust it off and get the cobwebs out.

More later

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